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  • The Mopit 4 autoscrubber.

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Introducing The Mopit™, a new cordless floor scrubber machine that makes maintaining commercial, retail, and large floors a breeze! Walk behind the machine on a dry, clean floor, thanks to our advanced scrub technology that washes and scrubs the floor, then vacuums the dirty water.

The Mopit™ autoscrubber is dependable, easy to use and store, and is faster than a mop and bucket (it's even less expensive in the long term!). It cleans effectively on vinyl tile, ceramic tile, cement and many other floor materials.  The Mopit is also available for lease.


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Finally, a Replacement for the Mop and Bucket!

This floor scrubber cleans the average size convenience store in 10 minutes and leaves the floor dry! It's easy on your back, cordless and portable. It's perfect for spot mopping sticky spills or scrubbing an entire floor.

Unlike standard mops that reuse dirty water and spread the dirt around on the floor, the Mopit™ floor scrubber never uses the same water twice. It delivers the cleaning solution on demand, with a gravity fed water delivery system. The controls are conveniently placed on the dash board.  It has two solution tanks to keep clean and dirty water separate just like the auto scrubbers found in big box stores, so dirty water never gets to the floor.

Finally there is an automatic floor scrubber under $3000 dollars designed for small applications. It's no longer too expensive to have a small auto scrubber. It's very light at just over 100 lbs. If you would prefer to lease the Mopit™ Floor Scrubber, we have leasing options offering full service and chemical supply options. For leasing information, see our lease information page.  Once you start using the Mopit™ you'll never want to go back to swinging your old mop again. Try the Mopit™ Floor Scrubber and experience enjoyable floor care!


  See how the Mopit beats the competition. See How It's Made!

Floor Scrubber Features

Three Squeegee Options

three squeegee options for the Mopit 3 autoscrubber

Spectrum offers a variety of squeegee choices to meet your scrubbing application. Choose from natural rubber, neoprene, or buna-n. Natural rubber is the softest and provides the best water pickup. Neoprene is oil and grease resistant. Buna-n is oil and grease-resistant, and it is softer than neoprene.

Squeegee lift

squeegee lift

For double scrubbing, the squeegee can be lifted until tough spots are thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned. Then simply lower the squeegee to vacuum up the water and leave the floor dry. Imagine not needing caution signs after mopping your floor. Also, the quiet vacuum won't annoy customers.

Durable Cylindrical Brush

durable cylindrical brush for floor cleaning with our floor scrubber

With the Mopit™, you will never have to replace dirty, worn out mop heads again. The Mopit™ uses a high RPM, durable, cylindrical brush to scrub dirt and stains better and faster than a mop ever could. It's easy on your back, and your employees will actually enjoy keeping the floor clean. Most importantly, customers enjoy shopping in a store with a clean floor and image.

Compact Size

compact size

Storage space won't be an issue with the Mopit™ Floor Scrubber. It's footprint is about the same size as a standard mop bucket, yet it can clean up a sticky spill in no time. Keeping those tough areas around fountain machines and cash registers clean is simple and easy with a quick pass over the floor with the Mopit™. Sweeping is almost eliminated.

Onboard Battery Charger

onboard battery charger for our cordless autoscrubber

Because the Mopit™ Auto Scrubber is battery powered, it has no cords to drag or snag. A convenient, built-in, or easy to plug in stationary battery charger keeps the two high-performance batteries charged and ready to go. On a full charge the Mopit™ will run for abouat one hour. Simply plug in the Mopit™ after use to keep it ready to go all the time. The batteries can be charged anytime without developing a memory.

Easy Controls

easy controls on our walk-behind floor scrubber

There has never been a compact floor scrubber like this! The controls are simple. Three switches supply power to the scrub brush, water solution and the vacuum. The water switch activates the gravity fed water delivery system. The 5 gallon fresh water tank supplies plenty of water to clean an entire convenience store. It's the best mop you’ll ever use.

Works on Most Floors

works on hard, concrete, and tile floors

The powerful Mopit™ is the ideal floor equipment for Convenience Stores, Retail, Grocery, Check Stands, Wet Entries, Delis, Dairies, Freezers, Greasy Floors, Kitchens, Fast Food, Restrooms, Schools, Hospitals, Homes, Machine Shops,Garages, Offices, Gas Stations, Warehouses, Malls, Dollar Stores, Airports and much more.

Easy Drain and Cleanup

easy drain

Cleanup is made simple with the Mopit™. A convenient drain hose allows you to quickly drain the dirty water down a janitor’s sink, toilet or other drain. With the built in water recovery system on the Mopit™, you pick up all of the water put down. The floor is left dry! No standing water means less bacteria and contamination. Disinfectant chemicals can be added to the solution to further increase sanitation in your store. It works great in bathrooms that are tough to keep clean. Stale mop heads are are thing of the past.

Faster than a Mop and Bucket

autoscrubbers are much faster than a mop and bucket

The Mopit™ is more affordable than regular cotton or polyester mops. The Mopit™ cleans the floor five times faster than swinging a mop and allows your employees to focus on other tasks. There are also no mop heads to buy. Insurance costs can be lowered. You won't have to bend your back to clean your floor. The floor has to be cleaned; why not do it in the most affordable and stress-free way?

Brush Overhang

brush overhang for cleaning floors below retail shelving

The brush extension design of the allows you to get under most shelf overhangs without snagging or disturbing store displays.


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