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Mopit 4.5 Refurbished Floor Scrubber

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Brush Size: 15 Inch
Fresh Water Tank: 4.75 gal
Recovery Tank: 5.5 gal
Squeegee Lift Pedal: Standard
Available for Lease: No
Turning Radius: 0 radius
Water Level Gauge: Yes
Adjustable Handle Bar: Yes
Dimensions: 23.5" Tall w/handle in folded position, 33" Tall w/handle in working position, 22.13" wide, 22.5" length w/handle in folded position, 30.5 length w/handle in working position
Weight: 124 Pounds w/out Water
Battery Charger: On-board 5 Amp Standard
Battery Sizes: Small Lead Acid
Run Time Per Battery Charge: 1 Hour (8,000-10,000) sq feet / hour

Our extensive refurbishing process includes:
- Cleaning and disinfecting the recovery tank
- Replacing the bearings and brush if needed
- Battery load test
- Battery run test
- Battery charger test
- Mopit plastic tanks cleaned to look like new
- The squeegee and squeegee wheels are replaced
- The machine is then filled with water and thoroughly tested
- When finished our refurbished Mopit 4’s run like new

Included with the Mopit: 1/2 gallon bottle of Mopit cleaning solution, owners manual w/ training DVD, 1 spare squeegee blade kit.

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The first Mopit 4.5 rolled off the assembly line in June 2017. While the Mopit 4.5 looks nearly identical to the Mopit 4, it has the following improvements:

1. More powerful vacuum motor.
2. An easy access clean out port for the vacuum filter.
3. The solution switch is slave to the brush instead of to the vacuum, this extends battery life when double scrubbing.
4. Larger waterlines going through the water filter.
5. Larger bumper wheel provides better protection to walls.
6. Re-designed squeegee bar for better water recovery.


The Mopit 4.5 has two improvements that improve cleaning performance. The Mopit 4.5 puts out .18 gallon per minute of cleaning solution. More cleaning solution on the floor increases cleaning performance. The water flow is easily adjustable, so you can make your cleaning solution last longer if you choose. The Mopit 4.5’s cleaning solution tank is now on the top instead of on the bottom of the Mopit. This increases water pressure, and improves cleaning performance and consistency.

The Mopit 4.5 is five decibels quieter than our previous models. The vacuum motor is the loudest Mopit component. On the Mopit 4.5 we have placed the motor deeper within the plastic to make it quieter. This means that the Mopit 4.5 is more pleasant to use around your customers.

The Mopit 4.5 is more compact. Even though the Mopit 4.5 is more compact, the fresh water capacity has only shrunk by ¼ gallon. We understand that storage space is very limited for most of our customers, and so having the Mopit be as compact as possible was one of our goals. The Mopit cleaning path of 15 inches is the same as the Mopit 3.

The Mopit 4.5 is simple to operate. Mold-in labels indicate where to fill the Mopit, where the water valve is located, where the water filter is located, where to drain the Mopit, and they indicate how much cleaning solution remains. The dashboard label is larger and easier to read. These labels make the Mopit more intuitive to use and reduce training time. The solution flow valve, and water filter are now conveniently located on the back of the Mopit instead of underneath. The cleaning solution gauge is much more visible on the Mopit 4.5.

The Mopit 4.5 has a squeegee lift pedal instead of a squeegee lift handle. On prior Mopit models to lift the squeegee you had to bend over and twist the squeegee lift handle with your hand. The Mopit 4.5 has an easy to use squeegee lift pedal that you can operate with your foot. It is very durable, as it is made out of ½ inch thick aluminum. Lifting the squeegee allows you to make multiple scrubbing passes without picking up the water. This is useful for very dirty or greasy areas, and it is known as double-scrubbing.

The Mopit 4.5 brush cavity has been completely re-designed. The cleaning solution drip tube is now outside of the brush cavity and protected by the splash guard, so it stays clean. The Mopit 4.5 brush hood cavity now follows the contour of the brush, so that debris build up is much more limited. The Mopit 4.5 brush hood height is lower, so that it can get under lower shelving. The Mopit 4.5 has two splash guards, one in the front and one in the rear of the brush. These guards keep the underside of the Mopit clean. Although the brush hood looks like plastic, it is actually high grade aluminum that has been extruded, and then anodized black.

The squeegee blade is the highest maintenance item on the Mopit. While replacing the squeegee blade on prior model Mopits is not difficult, it does take a few minutes, and it can dirty your hands. It is also possible to install the squeegee blade backwards. All of this is solved with the Mopit 4.5. The Mopit 4.5 squeegee bar is made out of extruded aluminum. It has three channels, a channel for the front and rear blades and a channel for the suction. The channel for the front blade has a triangle shape, and the channel for the rear blade has a round shape. To replace the squeegees simply remove the squeegee wheel, slide out the old blades, and slide in the new blades. It is impossible to put the blades in backwards. The Mopit 4.5 is our first Mopit with reversible blades, so you can get more life out of them. The suction channel is also larger, so you can pickup ice cubes or other debris more effectively.

The Mopit 4.5 is easier to service and maintain. The cleaning solution filter is now on the back of the Mopit instead of underneath. It is twice the size of previous filters, so the cleaning frequency has been reduced. The water solenoid is conveniently located on the back of the Mopit, behind the hinged battery cover, instead of underneath. The squeegee hose is much easier to access. This hose will occasionally need to be back-flushed, so we designed easy access to it. We added significant brush bearing protection to the Mopit 4.5 to increase bearing life.

Odor build up is a common issue with floor scrubbers. The most common cause of odor build up is caused by customers not draining the dirty water. The dirty water tank, and the cleaning solution tank floors are sloped on the Mopit 4.5. This ensures complete draining after use, and helps to eliminate odor build up. The Mopit 4.5 has an on-board Allen wrench tool, for easy servicing. There is also a QR code on the Mopit 4.5. This QR code can be scanned with a smart phone, and can be used to order supplies, and our tech support agents can also use it to help you with troubleshooting.

The Mopit 4.5 is built to last. Our competitor’s floor scrubbers are built primarily of plastic. The Mopit 4.5 has 40 individually machined parts out of high grade aluminum. Our competition puts expensive circuit boards and electronics into their machines. This means if something goes wrong you may need a technician to diagnose the problem. After you pay for a technician to diagnose the problem then you get to pay for an expensive repair. Not only will competitor machines cost you a lot of money to repair, but simple maintenance items like squeegee blades will cost you a small fortune.

Through experience we have learned that the floor cleaning industry wants a machine that is simple and inexpensive to operate, maintain, and repair. The Mopit has no expensive circuit boards or electronics. Diagnosis is simple and can usually be done on your own or with a phone call to Spectrum. If something goes wrong with your Mopit, don’t worry, chances are the average employee will be able to complete the repair. We have a “Mopit channel” at www.youtube.com with over 45 videos that walk you through training, Diagnostics, maintenance, and repairs and you are always welcome to call us at 1-800-290-2833 for help.

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