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Mopit Training Videos

Mopit 5 Training Video

Mopit 5 Water System Troubleshooting

Mopit 5 Suction Troubleshooting

Mopit 5 Charging System Troubleshooting

Mopit 5 Unpackage and Setup

Mopit 5 Squeegee Replacement

Mopit 5 Fresh Water Filter Cleaning

Mopit 5 Handle Bar Adjustment

Mopit 5 Brush Motor Replacement

Mopit 5 Brush Pressure

Mopit 5 Brush Replacement

Mopit 5 Charger Replacement

Mopit 5 Drain Hose Replacement

Mopit 5 Drip Tube Replacement

Mopit 5 Drive Bearing Replacement

Mopit 5 Idle Bearing Cup Replacement

Mopit 5 Battery Replacement

Mopit 5 Splash Guard Replacement

Mopit 5 Solenoid Diaphragm Replacement

Mopit 5 Splitting the Machine

Mopit 5 Switch Replacement

Mopit 5 Vacuum Hose Replacement

Mopit 5 Vacuum Motor Replacement

Mopit 5 Belt Replacement

Mopit 4.5 Training Video

Mopit 4 Training Video

Charging System Troubleshooting (Mopit 4&4.5)

Suction Troubleshooting (Mopit 4&4.5)

Water SystemTroubleshooting (Mopit 4&4.5)

Brush Pressure Adjustment (Mopit 4&4.5)

Changing the Squeegee Blades (Mopit 4&4.5)

Cleaning the Fresh Water Filter (Mopit 4&4.5)

Flushing the Squeegee Hose (Mopit 4&4.5)

Flushing the Vacuum Tube (Mopit 4&4.5)

Cleaning the Vacuum Screen (Mopit 4&4.5)

Top Tank Replacement (Mopit 4&4.5)

Middle Tank Replacement (Mopit 4&4.5)

Bottom Tank Replacement (Mopit 4&4.5)

Top Half Replacement (Mopit 4&4.5)

Brush Replacement (Mopit 4&4.5)

Battery Pack Replacement (Mopit 4&4.5)

Battery Charger Replacement (Mopit 4&4.5)

Solenoid Replacement (Mopit 4&4.5)

Switch Replacement (Mopit 4&4.5)

Drip Tube Replacement (Mopit 4&4.5)

Idle Bearing Replacement (Mopit 4&4.5)

Drive Bearing Replacement (Mopit 4&4.5)

Belt Replacement (Mopit 4&4.5)

Bent Squeegee Assembly (Mopit 4&4.5)

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