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  1. Scrub n' Vac Cleaning Accessory (Mopit 4 & 4.5)

    The Scrub n' Vac includes: Pump sprayer 10 ft of reinforced vacuum hose Aluminum cleaning wand Scrub n' Vac brush / squeegee cleaning tool Watch the Scrub n' Vac demo here

    Contact us: 1-800-290-2833 mopit@mopit.com

  2. Mopit 4.5 Floor Scrubber Mopit 4.5 Floor Scrubber

    Mopit 4.5 Floor Scrubber

    Watch the Mopit 4.5 in action!

    See the improvements to the Mopit 4 over the Mopit 3.0.

    • Free shipping
    • One year warranty, including parts and labor!
    • 15 day money back guarantee

    Specifications: Brush Size: 15 Inch Fresh Water Tank: 4.75 gal Recovery Tank: 5.5 gal Squeegee Lift Pedal: Standard Available for Lease: Yes Turning Radius: 0 radius Water Level Gauge: Yes Adjustable Handle Bar: Yes Dimensions: 23.5" Tall w/handle in folded position 33" Tall w/handle in working position 22.13" wide 22.5" length w/handle in folded position 30.5 length w/handle in working position Weight: 124 Pounds w/out Water Battery Charger: On-board 5 Amp Standard, Off-board 5 Amp Optional Battery Sizes: Small Lead Acid Run Time Per Battery Charge: 1 Hour (8,000-10,000) sq feet / hour

    Introducing our latest floor scrubber, the Mopit 4.5. The Mopit 4.5 is quieter, more compact, has better cleaning performance, and all this without sacrificing water capacity.

    The Mopit 4 has 40 improvements over the Mopit 3.0. See them here.

    Contact us: 1-800-290-2833 mopit@mopit.com

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2 Item(s)